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Math and Geometry Tools
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Opening the Gateway to Advanced STEM Courses

A comprehensive training and incentives model for providing a rigorous middle school mathematics program

Program Benefits
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Incentives for Success

  • Monetary Incentives ($50) for students meeting math benchmark or growth goal on national exam

  • Collaborative performance goals for school growth

  • Teacher bonuses ($500 per teacher) for achieving school goals

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Teacher Training and Support

  • Laying the Foundation training for all teachers at no cost (valued at $2,385 per teacher)

  • Full access to hundreds of lessons and assessments

  • Full time Math Content Manager available for support

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Funding and Resources

  • Money provided for classroom equipment and supplies to enhance math instruction ($1000 base plus $15 per 8th grade enrollment)

  • National math exam fees covered for all 7th & 8th grade students

  • Funding for food and prizes provided for student review session

Vertical Teaming

  • Four Vertical Team meetings conducted involving 6-8 teachers

  • Assistance provided for incorporating more rigorous lessons into existing curriculum

  • Discussion among teachers for better curriculum alignment

  • Data review for instructional purposes

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Math Notebook and Calculator

Application Process

Commitment to Model

Selected schools agree to follow the Access to Algebra Math Elements of Success model and enter into a partnership with AdvanceKentucky.

Submission of Application

Interested schools may apply to the program at any time of the year by completing an online application. The application may be accessed here. Site visits to schools are conducted each fall, with new cohorts chosen yearly in December.

Selection Process

The school selection process includes site visits with schools, a formal invitation to participate, and a Letter of Agreement negotiation meeting.  Preference will be given to schools that are in a position to initiate or dramatically increase access to advanced middle school math programs, particularly for underrepresented student populations. 

Availability of Funding

Overall funding is limited each year in total amount and by donor guidelines that may restrict the use of funds.  We offer this early notification to applicants that while we work year-round on fundraising, we may not be certain of the total amount available to support new schools until the spring.

For questions or to schedule an informal visit to your school/district, please contact Annette Williams.

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