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Mock Exam Scoring

$10 per exam

Participate in a hybrid mock scoring that simulates the actual AP® exam readings held across the United States each summer. During the reading, participants are briefed on the FRQs and calibrated on the rubrics to accurately score exams from students across the state. Experienced AP® exam readers and College Board consultants lead the training and provide guidance on how to evaluate student work and provide follow-up support.


  1. Teacher registers the number of mock exams to be administered. Cost is $10 per mock exam registration.

  2. Teacher will secure the appropriate mock exam from their course audit site or AP Classroom.

  3. Teacher will be given access to required answer sheets for mock exam administration.

  4. Teacher administers the mock exam to the class.

  5. Teacher uploads the student responses/answer sheets to the online scoring platform.

  6. Teacher attends live mock exam scoring on Zoom.

  7. Teacher receives detailed reports on class and student performance.

Supported Courses and Mock Exam:

  • AP English Language - 2020 Multiple Choice and 2022 FRQs

  • AP English Literature - 2017 Multiple Choice and 2022 FRQs

  • AP Seminar - 2019 End-of-Course Exam

  • AP Calculus AB/BC – 2019 IPE

  • AP Statistics – 2019 IPE

  • AP Computer Science A – 2020 Practice Exam

  • AP Biology – 2020 Practice Exam No. 3

  • AP Chemistry – 2019 Released International Practice Exam

  • AP Environmental Science – 2020 Practice Exam No. 1

  • AP Physics 1 – Custom “in-house” exam (directions will be sent on how to assemble upon registration)

Additional Details:

  • Registration Deadlines

    • AP English and AP Seminar – February 10

    • AP Math and AP Computer Science A – March 1

    • AP Science – March 1

  • Administration Windows

    • AP English and AP Seminar – February 1-24

    • AP Math and AP Computer Science A – March 6-April 12

    • AP Science – March 6-April 12

  • Mock Exam Scoring (Zoom; ET)

    • AP English and AP Seminar – March 3-4

    • AP Math and AP Computer Science A – April 15

    • AP Science – April 15

  • Teachers will receive detailed instructions on registration and administration. Access to score reports after the scoring will also be available.

  • For additional information, please contact:

    • Stephanie Carter – AP English and AP Seminar

    • Aaron Timmons – AP Math and AP Computer Science A

    • Lew Acampora – AP Science


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