Highlights from our 2016 Year in Review

The Impact of AP Experience on College Participation and Persistence
AP Experience 2
Each step of the AP Experience of (A) enrolling in the AP course, (B) taking the AP exam and (C) earning qualifying scores produces an ever increasing advantage in students’ college participation and persistence.  The matched pairs  of AdvanceKentucky students and their peer Control Group for the classes of 2012 and 2013 showed similar patterns.  Low-Income students saw the greatest advantage by earning at least one qualifying score on an any AP math, science or English exam. 62% of these students remained enrolled in college through year 3.

The Impact of Open Enrollment
In a 2013 matched-pair analysis, significantly more AdvanceKentucky students took one or more AP exams than their control group peers.  In similar sample sizes, over four times as many AdvanceKentucky students took AP exams as did academically similar students in the control group.
Even with significantly more students, the share of AdvanceKentucky students earning one or more AP qualifying scores was highly competitive with their peers resulting in over three times as many AdvanceKentucky students earning qualifying scores.  Again, low-income students benefited the most from an open enrollment environment with six times as many students earning qualifying scores as their control group peers.

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